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At C & G Appraisal Group, Inc. we dedicate ourselves to keeping on top of changes in our industry. We utilize the newest technology to assure our customers that they are receiving the most efficient and professional service possible.

These state-of-the-art services include:
EDI/PDF Sending Capabilities
Adobe Reader
Sending Reports Via E-Mail

EDI/PDF Sending Capabilities

C & G Appraisal Group, Inc. uses WinTotal 2000 and Adobe Acrobat as it's appraisal software provider. Before PDF,(portable document formatting) if the customer wanted to receive an appraisal electronically, they also had to be a WinTotal software user. Today, thanks to the power of Adobe Acrobat, C & G Appraisal Group, Inc. is capable of sending an appraisal report via E-mail. If you have E-mail capabilities, you can receive an appraisal report from C & G Appraisal.

Adobe Reader
To open a PDF file, the recipient must have a "reader" program installed on their machine. A free copy of the Adobe Reader is available from Adobe or by clicking the link below.

When you receive a report via E-mail from C & G Appraisal, you simply open the E-mail, click the file attachment, then print.