Citron & Graganella Appraisal Group, Inc.

We appraise "homes" not just houses.

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Homeowners - Buyers and Sellers

If you are selling your home, trying to refinance for a better interest rate and lower payments, consolidate debt, wanting to eliminate your mortgage insurance, or just curious to know what the value of your home is, C & G Appraisal Group, Inc. can help.

In today's Florida Real Estate Market, selling your home can be a very profitable experience. By having your home appraised before you sell, you can produce many positive results:

You become a more competitive seller, often producing faster selling times
The house may be worth more than you think
When pricing your home, you can show prospective buyers the appraisal report, which may result in receiving the full listing price

When you choose to do business with C & G Appraisal, not only do you receive a quality appraisal, but you also receive advice on selling your home. We also give marketing advice, which can make you a more knowledgeable seller.